3-smallerWater Works is a division working with GroundWorks Landscaping with experienced knowledgeable staff offering irrigation services for commercial and residential properties

Having an automatic sprinkler system to irrigate your lawn or garden will save water that is often wasted by runoff from forgotten manual sprinklers that are forgotten and left on.

Our Services include:

  • Annual Startups
  • Winterization
  • Installation, maintenance and repair


We can also help pinpoint problems in your irrigation system and repair or maintain your current systems.

WaterWorks will start up your irrigation systems by pressurizing all lines, check zones/heads for operation, and adjust the heads as needed. We can repair any broken heads or leaks that are found.

We will winterize residential and commercial sprinkler systems to protect from freeze damage. Our technician will hook an air compressor up to the system, and then run thru each zone with air, blowing out the water.  All drains will be left open.

We recommend you activate your system in the spring and winterize in the fall. This will ensure your system’s optimum performance and protect it through the years.

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