Ground Works is one of three HopeWorks social enterprises. At HopeWorks Social Enterprises, we’re in the business of creating opportunity. Our job training program provides a rich work and learning experience for individuals who are building their pathway to success.  

Our model is impactful. We start with hope, we address any barriers, we provide job training and life skills, and we empower our participants to embark on sustainable career pathways after they graduate.


We start with belief that each member of our community brings valuable gifts. We also know that poverty is complex and impacts our community on every level. HopeWorks Social Enterprises operates businesses that offer goods and services to our community. These businesses also provide the home for a job training program that builds skills and restores hope.

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Barriers are a big deal. We recognize them and understand that these barriers not only impact an individual’s readiness for training, but ultimately their ability to secure steady employment or education goals.​

Community partnerships are key. HopeWorks partners with local housing and service providers, such as Housing Hope and Cocoon House, who provide stable housing and other critical resources and refer their clients to job training at Ground Works, Renew Home & Decor, or Kindred Kitchen



HopeWorks’ job training program combines a strong life skills foundation with a supportive internship training experience within one of our social enterprise businesses.

Our on-the-job training programs emphasize technical hard skills and professional soft skills, preparing participants for success in any workplace.

Additional employment readiness coaching empowers interns to create a professional resume, search for jobs and communicate their story of success.


HopeWorks interns receive support from employment specialists during and after their internship. This can include coaching, resume writing, interview prep, job placement and career advancement.

HopeWorks also partners with employers in the community looking for qualified candidates who have hard and soft skills – exactly like the skills taught in our training program.